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Introducing the #28daysoffidc Challenge

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Are you ready for the best February yet?

February. The time of year when gym attendance begins to fall and the queues at the McDonalds drive-thru start to get longer. All the excitement from the new year goal-setting rush begins to fade and we all may become a little complacent. However, at fidc consistency and discipline are two of the central beliefs we want our community to embody. So we've decided to launch the #28daysoffidc challenge!

This is going to be 28 days of our community supporting and pushing one another to stay on top of their goals and habits. We also want you to challenge yourself to become the person you aspire to be for the next 28 days. "Sounds great", you say, "how do I get involved?" Let's go over the steps for entering and successfully completing the challenge.

How do I join in?

1. Define the five habits that you want to be consistent with in February

The aim of the challenge is consistency i.e. showing up on as many days out of the 28 as possible so don't give yourself something you know you'll struggle to do on the majority of days. If, for example, you currently never exercise start with "5 minutes of Yoga" rather than a "1hr walk in my local forest". Further, make sure you phrase your habit in such a way it's an easy yes/no at the end of the day, the more specific and measurable the better. E.g. "2 portions of fruit" is better than "eat healthily".

2. Set up the daily habit tracker

You already have the perfect tool to help you track your habits: The Daily Check-In table in the Daily View of The Digital Life Planner. Check out this post on how to set up a specific view just for this challenge.

We want everyone to be able to participate so if you don't already own a planner then you can either buy the Habit Tracker as a standalone template or you can use whatever method you feel comfortable with. The objective of this challenge is consistency and this can be achieved without the use of any fancy tools, no software can change you as a person.

3. Come to our Instagram story for daily motivational quotes and videos

You aren't in this alone, we'll be there right along with you. We'll also be reposting everyone who engages with us in the challenge so you can be motivated by the progress of others.

4. Keep yourself accountable by posting your daily performance at the end of each day on your story, tag us @fidcliving and use #28daysoffidc

Take a picture or screenshot of the relevant day on the calendar view of the Daily Check-In table. This will help keep you accountable and allow you to show off your wins!

For example:

Of course, only share what you're comfortable with. For anyone who is up for a real challenge, we have a gift for completing all five habits for all 28 days!

5. At the end of each week show off your progress on your story and tag us

Now you get to really show off your consistency by posting your full weeks results.

We'll also show you how to view the percentage of days that you've completed in another post. You can optionally post this too.

6. On the final day write a short paragraph on your overall experience and tag us

Let us know how you've progressed, what you learnt about yourself and the overall experience of the challenge. You'll also be able to set up the Daily Check-In database to show you the percentage of days you completed each habit, if you're proud of your results let everyone know!

We really want to engage as a community over the course of this challenge, this is a community effort so please don't go through this by yourself. Invite your friends to get involved and see who can maintain the highest percentage over the month! Get others involved with you and support each other through it. "If you want to go far, go together".


That's it! The challenge starts at 12 AM on February 1st, see you all then.

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